Michigan Mental Health Law

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Michigan Mental Health Law provides for court-ordered involuntary stabilization, assessment, and even treatment. State statutes can also be applied to help a loved one battling substance abuse issues as part of a strategically caring professional intervention plan of action. Although we are not lawyers, we can help you explore strategies to work ethically and effectively to address both debilitating symptoms of mental illness and hard to reach self-medicating behaviors.

Any individual 18 years of age or over may file with the court a petition that asserts that an individual is a person requiring treatment. (2) The petition shall contain the facts that are the basis for the assertion, the names and addresses, if known, of any witnesses to the facts, and, if known, the name and address of the nearest relative or guardian, or, if none, a friend, if known, of the individual. (3) Except as provided in subsection (7), the petition shall be accompanied by the clinical certificate of a physician or a licensed psychologist, unless after reasonable effort the petitioner could not secure an examination.

If a clinical certificate does not accompany the petition, the petitioner shall set forth the reasons an examination could not be secured within the petition. The petition may also be accompanied by a second clinical certificate. If 2 clinical certificates accompany the petition, at least 1 clinical certificate must have been executed by a psychiatrist. (4) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (7) and section 455, a clinical certificate that accompanies a petition must have been executed within 72 hours before the filing of the petition, and after personal examination of the individual. (5) If the individual is found not to be a person requiring treatment under this section, the petition and any clinical certificate shall be maintained by the court as a confidential record to prevent disclosure to any person who is not specifically authorized under this chapter to receive notice of the petition or clinical certificate.

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