Kentucky Mental Health Law

Kentucky Law for court-ordered drug rehab and involuntary assessment, commitment, and treatment for mental health disorders on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. Casey’s Law Kentucky is an order to initiate an intuitive substance abuse assessment in the State of Kentucky.

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Casey’s Law Kentucky

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Obtain a copy of the petition from the District Court clerk’s office by requesting Form 700A – the Verified Petition for Involuntary Treatment of Alcohol/Drug Abuse.

A spouse, relative, friend, or guardian of the substance abuse-impaired person completes the petition and files it with the District Court clerk.

The court reviews the allegations in the petition and examines the petitioner under oath.

The court determines whether there is probable cause to order treatment for the person named in the petition (the respondent).

If probable cause is established a judge appoints an attorney to represent the respondent, order the respondent to be evaluated, and schedule a hearing within 14 days.

The respondent is notified of the date and purpose of the hearing.

The respondent is evaluated by two qualified health professionals, at least one of whom is a physician, to determine if the respondent could benefit from treatment.

If the judge finds the respondent should undergo treatment, the court shall order treatment from 60 days up to 360 days, depending upon the petition's request and the result of the evaluation. Treatment options vary depending upon each individual’s circumstances and range from detoxification to intensive treatment through recovery.

State laws are in place to support court-ordered involuntary treatment. Nevertheless, careful planning with a unified approach is essential for successfully using the laws to significantly increase the long term prognosis for your loved one’s recovery.

Although we do not provide legal advice, we do provide services to help support the recovery process for all impacted by mental illness and substance abuse throughout the State of Kentucky.