Intervention Solutions

Unified Approach

We understand that you may feel as though you have tried everything to help a loved one battling severe symptoms of mental illness, substance abuse, or any combination of the either issue. However, it seems as though the harder that you have tried to do the right thing to help, the more desperate the situation has become. If that is the case, by now you have probably tried to reason and rationalize, make concessions, bargain, and negotiate terms and conditions against your better judgment. You may have had to cover for them at work or at home. You may have even had to pay some of their bills, maybe even bail them out of jail to help them from losing everything. Rather than trying to tackle the problem on your own, now may be the right time to carefully consider the benefits of scheduling a comprehensive and caring professional intervention. If your loved one has lost the capacity to stand up and reach out for help on their own, you may want to stop waiting to see if they somehow simply snap out of it. Contrary to what others may say, your loved one may very well depend on you, along with the love and support of other concerned family and friends to take decisive action now, before it is too late to do so. With a strategically unified approach and professional guidance, you can significantly increase the prognosis for a successful long-term outcome.

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With Help, There is Hope

A successful intervention requires a collaboration between the professional interventionist and the collective loving power of concerned family members and friends to establish, hold, and then uphold healthy boundaries that help to establish order and accountability with dignity and direction, rather than being punitive in nature. At the end of the day, there is hope, the solution is out there. As a matter of fact, we believe that the most challenging part of the intervention process is not necessarily trying to convince someone to accept help, but rather being able to unify all of those impacted to come together with a solution-focused and strategically loving plan of action.

We Create

Individualized intervention solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients including:

  • Mental Health Intervention
  • Substance Abuse Intervention
  • Eating Disorder Intervention
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