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Care Management Solutions

Recovery from mental illness and substance abuse does not happen in a vacuum. The recovery process can be as intricate and complex as the disorders themselves. That is why Behavioral Help Solutions provides a complete suite of care management solutions to help support recovery for all involved by providing professional guidance through the storm.

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Here to Help

Whether your loved one is treatment-resistant at home, and unwilling to accept help, or they are being held indefinitely under an involuntary court order for care at the local psychiatric facility or county detox center, the situation can be nerve-wracking and emotionally draining for anyone. In many cases, concerned family members and friends feel as though they have to go it alone and make all of the critical decisions without a professional to consult with on the matter at hand. Similar to a surgeon trying to operate on a loved one, it is almost impossible to keep a steady hand when you are so emotionally connected to the outcome of the procedure. That is why we are here to help you break through the bureaucratic red-tape, seemingly impenetrable walls of resistance, and even the masterfully manufactured manipulative narratives with dignity and determination.

Critical Issues

We focus on highlighting personal achievement, while addressing any combination of critical issues associated with severe symptoms of mental illness, substance abuse, eating disorders, and compulsive behaviors. We are experts in working with local law enforcement, the courts, along with doctors and hospitals as needed, to create care management solutions that address critical issues in real-time, while at the same time, protecting privacy and personal interests. Our goal is to create an environment conducive for long-term recovery by actively encouraging your loved one to take a more proactive role in their own recovery, thereby allowing them to gain a greater sense of self-esteem right from the beginning of the intervention process.

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