Involuntary Substance Abuse

Involuntary Substance Abuse Treatment

Behavioral Help Solutions specializes in creating comprehensive and caring intervention solutions to meet the individualized treatment needs for people battling symptoms of mental illness and substance abuse. Although we do not provide legal services, we are experts in working together with local court systems and law enforcement agencies to significantly increase the prognosis for admission into treatment along with increased compliance with treatment recommendations for the long term by creating a more comprehensive and unified foundation for recovery with firm healthy boundaries.

Below is a list of some of some of the statues that may be applicable to your case.

  • 1013 Georgia
  • 302 Pennsylvania
  • 5150 California
  • Baker Act Florida
  • Blue Paper Maine
  • Casey’s Law Kentucky
  • Kendra’s Law New York
  • Legal 2000 Nevada
  • Marchman Act Florida
  • Mental Health Hygiene Law Texas
  • Pink Slip Ohio
  • Section 12 Massachusetts Mental Health
  • Section 35 Massachusetts Substance Abuse

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