Involuntary Substance Abuse

Involuntary Substance Abuse Treatment for Florida

At Behavioral Help Solutions, we know that with the proper help and resources, there is always hope for your loved one dealing with substance abuse issues. We are an involuntary substance abuse treatment facility in Florida specializing in addiction, compulsive behaviors, depression, and eating disorders. If you’ve found yourself in the midst of a crisis, call us right away.

About Behavioral Help Solutions

Our primary licensed psychotherapist is Evan Jarschauer, LMHC MCAP, MBA. He is also a licensed clinical supervisor, professional dual diagnosis interventionist, and master certified addiction professional. With Mr. Jarschauer’s expertise, our involuntary substance abuse treatment center has gained national recognition and prestige.

If you’re looking for a team of professionals who will listen to your concerns and look after the wellbeing of your loved one, turn to Evan Jarschauer and the team at Behavioral Help Solutions. We truly understand the depth of emotions you may be experiencing and we treat each of our clients with dignity and compassion.

About the Marchman Act

Under Florida Stature, family members are allowed to petition on behalf of their loved ones with regard to temporary detention and mandatory treatment and assessment for drug and alcohol abuse. This statute can be put into effect when the individual in question is a danger to themselves or to those around them.

The Marchman Act was put into effect in 1993 and, if properly utilized, has the potential to get those struggling with substance abuse court-mandated help and support to begin their journey to recovery.

Because Behavioral Help Solutions is an involuntary substance abuse treatment facility, we work closely with the courts to make provisions for your family members who are admitted to our facility through the Marchman Act.

To learn more about our facility and our services, please call us at (305) 467-8666 or email Evan Jarschauer directly at