Look Out for Yourself

Recovery Companion

Recovery Companion services are designed to provide a caring & comprehensive direction for all those recovering from mental illness & substance abuse issues. Coming after residential treatment can be a confusing time for everyone involved in the process, no matter which program your loved one may have attended. The Recovery Companion works to create a recovery-oriented environment at home, or wherever your loved one resides after treatment that is inclusive and enriching.

Mental Wellness Plays a Major Role

In simple terms, the mission of the recovery companion is to significantly increase the prognosis for long-term recovery by ensuring that your loved one’s aftercare plan is implemented with dignity, understanding, and care, while at the same time, addressing and resolving logistical & clinical challenges with realistic, manageable, and self-esteem building solutions.

Helping You Recover & Grow

In most cases, the recovery companion connects with their client while still in treatment, and then accompanies them back home after completing the program. Once on the ground, the associated with trying to manage and coordinate all of the important pending appointments recovery companions then helps the client transition home, reducing the stress and anxiety, meetings, and events on your own, while working out any kinks in their aftercare plan so that it can be implemented in the most successful and streamlined manner possible.

In this way, concerned and caring loved ones can effectively remove themselves from taking the role of caregiver or caseworker. Simultaneously, the recovery companion provides all concerned parties with a trusted professional who can walk them through the transition process into recovery without stepping on the drive, determination, and initiative.