Intervention Services

Mental Health & Addiction Intervention

You have tried hard to help. Bailing them out of jail, covering for them at work or at home, maybe even paying their outstanding bills. Your loved one may have even gone to treatment multiple times, unfortunately, relapsing shortly after returning home. Contrary to what others may say, if your loved one has lost the capacity to stand up and reach out for help on their own, it just might be time to consider the benefits of a professional dual diagnosis intervention.

With the help and support of concerned family and friends, professional mental health and addiction intervention services strategically raise the bottom with understanding and a solid action plan.

Behavioral Help Solutions
Behavioral Help Solutions

Unified Approach

Anyone has been bailed out of jail, suffering from financial ruin, in and out of the hospital to no avail. Together we can break through the seemingly impenetrable walls of mental illness and substance abuse.

There is hope. There is strength in numbers. Behavioral Help Solutions helps create a foundation for recovery by strategically raising an individual’s bottom with dignity, understanding, and a solid plan of action.


Intervention Plan

A successful Intervention requires a collaboration between the interventionist and the collective loving power of concerned family and friends to hold and uphold healthy boundaries strategically outlined in the intervention plan.

It is Going to Get Better & the Solution is Out There

The most challenging part of the intervention process is not trying to convince someone to enter into a mental health center or drug rehab, but rather to unify all of those impacted to follow a solution-focused and strategically loving plan of action.