Case Management Services

Identifying the Signs

Whether this is your loved one’s first time in treatment or not, professional Aftercare Management can significantly increase the prognosis that it could be the last. After completing treatment at a residential drug rehab center, coming home can be a nerve-racking experience for all involved.

The Plan

In most cases, clients are discharged after a generally predetermined period, then provided with a treatment plan that they are encouraged to follow, usually with initial therapy, psychiatry appointments, and support group meetings set before the patient is discharged, and almost always without enough strategically-therapeutic infrastructure in place to support the foundation of even the most well-positioned treatment plan.

In most cases, the reality is that others' continued assistance is required to accomplish long-term treatment plan objectives. 

That’s where comprehensive Aftercare Management planning makes a tremendous impact on both compliance & overall treatment outcomes. Aftercare Management is designed to meet the client's unique needs and those of their respective loved ones.

Our Focus

We focus on highlighting personal achievements, addressing issues and concerns with progress, while continually supporting the recovery process with accountability measures, such as weekly recovery team conferences, drug testing, and consultation with the client’s treatment providers. By actively participating in comprehensive Care Management, the client can gain a greater sense of self-esteem by taking a more proactive and responsible role in their own recovery as they work alongside their private care manager.